Schwinn Signature

What is Schwinn Signature?

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Our new Schwinn Signature line is a unique collection of premium Schwinn bicycles that can only be found at an independent bike retailer. These bikes deliver the best-in-class value, quality and timeless style that you have come to expect from Schwinn.

Schwinn Signature Bikes are made using rigorous R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and design processes, which means our bikes:

  • Have unique and highly stylized colors and graphics
  • Fit better and are offered in a range of multiple sizes on adult bikes
  • Use best-in-class frame materials, paint and component choices

Each Signature bicycle is professionally assembled at an authorized Schwinn Signature retailer. Signature retailers offer outstanding customer service and technical support, including:

  • Professional assembly and fitting of all Signature models
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair