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New Electric Bike Owner's Guide

Megan Hering

Hello, fellow rider! Congrats on your new Schwinn e-bike purchase! We know you’re excited to get out and hit the road, so here is a step-by-step guide on what to do once the big box finally arrives.

1. Read through the manual.

When you get your e-bike, you’re going to want to rip through the packaging and start putting it together. We don’t blame you one bit. But first and foremost, locate the manual and read through it.

The manual outlines things like e-bike safety, storage tips, and assembling any of the various Schwinn e-bike models. Gather the proper tools, get a feel for the order of assembly, remove all the packaging, and then you can start following the step-by-step instructions listed in the manual.

2. Fill out the purchase record.

Located in the back of your manual, the purchase record is a place to record your e-bike serial number in case anything should happen (such as if you think you might need to use your warranty). Keep this purchase record in a safe spot, or save the entire manual in a safe spot in case you need to consult it at some point in the future.

To find your serial number, check below the bottom bracket on the e-bike crank arm. Make sure you document the key serial number as well in case you ever need a replacement.

3. Assemble your e-bike and charge the battery.

Following the manual, put together the handlebars, e-bike disc brakes, seat, and pedals. Pro tip, before you even start assembling your e-bike, plug in and charge your e-bike battery so it’s ready or close to fully charged by the time you’re done.

4. Take your e-bike for a short test ride.

Make sure everything is working properly before you hit the big hills or rockier trails. This is also a great time to test out your pedal assist system (PAS) for the first time! If you notice any issues with how you assembled your e-bike, take it back home and make adjustments as needed.

5. Bed in your brakes.

Glazing or bedding in your e-bike disc brakes is a way to “break in” (or should we say brake in) your brakes for maximum effect and smooth stopping. The best way to do this is to take your e-bike up to the top of a hill and more or less “ride” the brakes down.

6. Know who to call.

There’s a very good chance that you’ll never need any additional assistance with your e-bike or run into any problems. But it’s always good to have the list of contacts at the ready, just in case something comes up.

  • Schwinn Help Center: 1+ (800) 626-2811 — we’re around for questions about shipping and handling, warranties, to see about parts in stock, and more.
  • Local bike shop: Great to contact for minor repairs or general service
  • City hall or local government official: Get the details on where you can ride your e-bike, as well as e-bike rules and regulations.

To sum it all up…

Once you complete these new owner steps, you’ll no longer be a “new” owner but, rest assured, the magic never really wears off. Congrats again on owning your very own e-bike — tag us on Instagram if you happen to post some pics; we’d love to see them!

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