Schwinn Knows Kids

One of the greatest memories a child can have is when they first learn how to ride a bike. A well-fitted, comfortable bike can make the learning experience easier and more enjoyable. A comfortable ride inspires confidence and the motivation to learn. Schwinn SmartStart bikes are designed to fit a child's proportions and will help beginners learn quickly, ride safely and have fun along the way.




Small Grips, Saddles and Pedals

The bikes are equipped with seats, pedals and grips designed for smaller bodies making it easier for the child to stay in control.


SmartStart bikes have narrower pedal positions that match the width of a child's hips, producing a stronger pedal stroke with improvised leverage.


Gearing has been changed to make the bike easier to start pedaling and limit top speed, which also helps parents keep up with their child once they get the hang of it.


The cranks and pedals have been moved forward slightly for improved leverage, making it easier to pedal.


Light Frames

SmartStart bikes have a reduced overall weight, making it easier for a child to handle and stay in control.