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Schwinn is a true American original. From our humble beginning in 1895 to now, quality has been Schwinn’s “North Star.” This dedication has earned us a special place in riders’ hearts -- and we’re not done yet. We honor our heritage while looking forward to the next innovation, and the next adventure.



Founded In Chicago

Ignaz Schwinn and Adolf Arnold found Arnold, Schwinn & Company in Chicago, Illinois. They produce “World Bicycles,” the official name for early Schwinn bikes.


History Is Made On A Schwinn

Professional cyclist Major Taylor becomes the first African-American world champion cyclist while riding a Schwinn. A few years later, Mile-a-Minute Murphy is the first man to go 60 mph by bicycle.


Motorcycles In Vogue

Schwinn buys Excelsior Motor Cycle Company, followed by the Henderson MotorCycle Company in 1917. This venture inspired some of Schwinn’s most famous bicycle designs, including the Motorbike in 1920.


Quality Seal

Schwinn dedicates a new department to improving quality and appearance, and quickly becomes the standard of innovation in the industry. They sealed the quality in with the first appearance of the Schwinn Quality Seal.


A Road Icon Is Born

French racer Alfred Letourner sets the speed record for fastest mile on a bicycle at 108.92 mph while riding a Schwinn Paramount.


Schwinn Responds To The Call

Schwinn produces military items in World War II, including top-secret electrical devices, plane parts, and more. Wartime innovation lead the way to post-war improvements for bikes, including built-in kickstands and new styled drop-outs.


Tank Cruisers

Schwinn introduces a number of iconic bikes, including the Black Phantom, Panther, Autocycle, Hollywood, and Starlet. They featured chrome fenders, tank, whitewall tires, head and tail lights, spring fork, and more.


Dealer Network Takes Shape

Schwinn develops the Authorized Schwinn Dealer Network, allowing Schwinn to help consumers more directly and expand the genuine parts and accessories program.


Stars Choose Schwinn

Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Ronald Reagan and all the stars of Hollywood’s “golden era” hop on Schwinn bikes for the iconic 1955 Schwinn catalog, inspiring riders from around the nation to choose Schwinn.


The Sting-Ray Ushers In A New Era

Muscle-car style and bicycle design are combined to create Schwinn’s most celebrated model of all time: the Sting-Ray. The Sting-Ray series would quickly became the bike to have.


BMX Craze is in Full Swing

With the BMX craze at full tilt, Schwinn releases the Predator – a gleaming chrome BMX-style bike with an aggressive style -- and starts an official Schwinn BMX Factory team.


Project Underground

In a secret effort called “Project Underground,” Schwinn develops a line of high-tech, U.S. made mountain bikes: The Homegrown Series. These bikes feature a radical new suspension system with an isolated drivetrain.


Recyclable Bike Introduced

Schwinn introduces the Vestige, a commuter bike with an eco-twist. Its organic, recyclable flax fiber provides a similar performance benefits as a carbon fiber frame, but with a much lower carbon footprint.


Fun That Fits

Schwinn develops SmartStart frame technology for their youngest riders. SmartStart frames provide a better fit for a more comfortable and stable ride; making learning to ride easier and fun.

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The Iconic Ride Evolved

Schwinn puts a fresh twist on the classic 1960’s Krate with the Krate EVO. It includes a SmartStart frame, re-imagined racing banana seat, authentic Slik rear tire, and more.

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The Helmet Revolution

Schwinn launches its latest innovation in helmet safety: Energy Reduction Technology (ERT). ERT helmets feature a special layer of padding that’s designed to absorb and redirect different kinds of impacts.

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Schwinn Goes Electric

Schwinn dives into the world of electric bikes with the Coston and Marshall models, featuring integrated batteries, lights, and more. These e-bikes let riders roam farther than ever before while delivering the same superior quality that made Schwinn famous.

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