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Electric Bike Extended Battery – up to 65 miles

Want to roam even further on your next e-bike adventure? We got you. These higher capacity batteries are simple to install and let you explore even more than ever before. Compatible with the Schwinn Coston and Marshall e-bikes only.
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Compatible with Marshall and Coston E-bikes
Up to 65 miles per charge
540 watt hours
Integrated LED lights



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Charge Up & Ride

Go 65* miles on a single charge, depending on conditions with the 540-watt hour internal downtube battery with 21700 cells. Recharge in 7 hours with a standard household outlet and the e-bike's charging cable.

*Varies based on terrain, pedal usage and assist level.

Light the Way

Includes integrated LED lights that add a sleek, modern look while helping others to see you on low light rides.

Simple Installation

You can install the battery at home, and only requries a screwdriver to complete. Just follow a few simple steps and you'll be riding in no time.

Use with Coston & Marshall

This battery is only compatible with the Schwinn Coston CE, Coston DX, and Marshall e-bikes. Do not use with any other brands or models.

Product Details

Weight Weight


Warranty Warranty

2 years

Materials Materials

Plastic, alloy, steel, vinyl

LED Light LED Light