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Schwinn Insider: Josh Vick

Samantha Kraemer

Summer is flying by here at Schwinn headquarters and we have been busy!

With summertime comes lots of chances to get out and ride; but have you ever looked at your nice shiny bike and wondered how your Schwinn road, mountain, hybrid, or cruiser bike came to be?

This month we are introducing you to Josh Vick. Josh is one of the minds behind the awesome bikes you get to ride. Read on to learn more about Josh and what he does at Schwinn.

Schwinn: What do you do at Schwinn?

Josh: I am the Director of Product Development. I manage a team of product managers and graphic designers. As a team, we do concepts based on consumer needs and develop the look and feel of the bicycles and manage all bicycles through commercialization.

We do a lot of consumer research from endemic expo shows to non-endemic research which includes store visits and simply just watching and talking to the people who we meet riding their bicycles wherever we go. This research helps us see understand how we can relate our bicycles into real people's lives through their wants visually and physically.

Schwinn: How long have you been with Schwinn?

Josh: Just tipped over 5 years, I started in June of 2012.

Schwinn: Was biking a big part of your life before Schwinn? What sort of biking did you do?

Josh: Yeah. I have worked in the bike industry for a little over 17 years and grew up riding multiple kinds of bikes from childhood on. My first bike was a Schwinn. I’ve ridden anything from BMX to MTB, to touring, urban, commuters, cruisers and fat bikes. I’ve ridden and continue to ride as many different bicycles that I can.

Schwinn: What is the coolest biking story you have?

Josh: I got a chance to ride Park City in Utah and do lift access and had a great time because of the terrain and weather. To be able to go from 80 degrees to snow in a 15-minute lift ride was something I’ve never done before.

Schwinn: Tell us about the bikes you have produced while you have been at Schwinn.

Josh: Generally I’ve enjoyed cruisers the most. I like lifestyle bikes where the image creates a bike with the visual aspect for the consumer to connect to the bike. That category is the one that I always have a passion to create.

Schwinn: What was the first bike you worked on?

Josh: I worked on some Fixies first. The Racer and the Cutter were some of the first bikes I touched and worked on specs and graphics on.

Schwinn: Which Schwinn bike is your favorite right now? Why?

Josh: The Phantom that just launched on Amazon this past month, because it combines urban and cruiser categories to create a mix of contemporary and classic styling.

Schwinn: What is your vision for Schwinn in the future?

Josh: Make cycling more accessible and fun for everyone and to make people feel like a child. I want bicycles to be newfound freedom, no matter what age you hop on one. You see that with the folks who commute every day, even though they could get in a car and go anywhere, they choose the bike to be able to create that sense of freedom that you can only get on the bike.

Schwinn: What are you most excited about for Schwinn in the next year?

Josh: We have some really cool fitness bikes that are hitting the market that combine fitness performance and comfort. One of those highlights for me is our full Carbon Fastback, with a really great price point and a sleek design, it's something we all are getting really stoked about!

Schwinn: What would you say to someone who is nervous to try biking?

Josh: Biking will put a smile on your face and cycling can be enjoyed by anyone at any skill level. Like most things, it is what you make it, so don't be afraid to get out there and bike the way you want to!

Schwinn: People always have a reason not to bike. What do you say to those people?

Josh: Riding a bike doesn’t always mean work. Choose your destination and set a goal for yourself. A ride can be as short as down the street and back or as far as across town and back. The more you ride, the easier it becomes and the more relaxing it will be — all it takes is a start.

Stay tuned for more interviews with the people who make it possible for you to ride the Schwinn bikes you love. Enjoy the last bit of summer!

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