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How to Wrap & Hide a Bike

Drew Kries

Surprising someone with a Schwinn bike this holiday season? Fantastic! But you might be wondering what to do with it in the meantime. Where do you put it? How do you wrap it? Well, it just so happens that we have a few ideas to help you out.

Hiding a Bike

If you’re planning on surprising someone with a brand-new bicycle, you’ll probably need to hide it for a little while until the big day. However, given the size of bikes, it can be a little tricky to keep them out of view. But don’t worry, we’ve gathered some ideas for you.

Perhaps the most fool-proof method for hiding a bike is to enlist the help of a neighbor or nearby friend. Keeping the bike at their house for a few days ensures the intended recipient won’t see it around your place… unless, of course your neighbor or friend is the intended recipient. Then you’ll need a different plan.

There are lots of ways to hide a bike around your own home too. If you keep it in the box, you could slip it under the bed, in the back of a seldom-used closet, or even tuck it away among the other never-to-unpack boxes in the basement like it’s the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Just note that the box will be clearly labeled as a bike, so you’ll want to cover that up somehow. A spare bedsheet, tablecloth, or tarp should do it.

There are options that work for either assembled or boxed bikes, too. For example, stowing it away in the trunk of your car. Or perhaps under a mountain of laundry. Or maybe behind a tree… Ok, maybe not behind a tree.

Wrapping a Bike

Now on to the fun part: how to wrap the bike. Or present the present if you will.

An illustration of a wrapped up bike present.

The Classic Wrap

Wrapping paper, of course, is the classic choice for gifts. It’s bright, it’s shiny, its crinkled-up leftovers are thoroughly enjoyed by the cat, it’s a good time… that is of course, if you can get those gosh-darn corners to sit flat.

If the bike is still in the box, you can simply wrap it that way. This is probably the easiest choice when it comes to wrapping.

Alternatively, you could wrap the assembled bike. We’ll call this the Deluxe Wrap. And the more intricate you get, the better. Yes, the fact that it’s a bike will be obvious when you’re done – but it’ll be funny, so it’s ok.

An illustration of a present and keys.

The Car Commercial

We’ve all seen that commercial: one person presents another with a set of keys, they go out to the driveway, and – ta-da! – a brand new car with a tremendous bow is waiting in the driveway. Why not do it with a bike?

To pull this off, you’ll also need a bike lock. Put the keys or combination code in a small box and wrap that. Once the recipient opens it, lead them out to the yard or garage where their beautifully bow-bedecked bike is waiting. (If it’s out in the yard, just make sure you’ve secured it to something with the bike lock… really puts a damper on things if it goes missing.)

An illustration of a bike hidden under a blanket.

The Game Show

For a little extra pizazz and showmanship, you could go the game show route. Simply cover the bike in a large shroud of some sort, like a bedsheet or tablecloth (bonus points for festive colors and patterns). Top it off with a card for the recipient, and as they finish reading it, dramatically remove the shroud whilst announcing, “a brand-new bike!” Everyone in the room applauds. Best holiday surprise ever.

An illustration of three scavenger hunt clues.

The Scavenger Hunt

If you’re giving a bike to someone who likes games and puzzles, why not set up a scavenger hunt? Put the first clue inside a gift-wrapped box and subsequent clues on scraps of paper hidden throughout the house. After three or four stops, have the clue lead to the bike itself, and voila! A game and a great gift all in one.

An illustration of a bike popping out of a stocking.

The Super-Sized Stocking

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more unique – something perhaps to show off your craft skills and quirky sense of humor – may we present, for your consideration, a very, very large stocking.

So there you have it: you’re ready to surprise your nearest and dearest with a bike. Just make sure you have the camera ready when they unwrap it – it’s going to make for a magical memory.

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