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5 Electric Bike Anti-Theft Tips from Schwinn

Drew Kries

Electric bike anti-theft featured image of someone locking their e-bike battery.

We know that when you get a brand new Schwinn e-bike, theft or damage may not be on your radar (because you’re so excited to get out and hit the trail!). However, it is an important consideration and it’s a good idea to take additional precautions to make sure no one steals or damages your e-bike. Here’s how!

There are two categories of bicycle theft you should be aware of: professional theft and convenience theft. Professional bike thieves are on a mission to find the most expensive bicycles to steal. Theft of convenience is just as it sounds: someone takes advantage of an easy opportunity to steal an under-protected bike while the owner is distractedly sipping a latte stage left.

You can work to protect your bike from all types of theft. Here’s what to do.


1. Register your e-bike.

Registering your e-bike with Schwinn is a good step for all new bike owners to take. Your next move should be registering your e-bike with the town or city in which you live. It’s easier to track down a stolen bike that’s registered in a local municipality.


A Schwinn bike locked up against a sturdy rail.

2. Get a sturdy bike lock.

The thin-chain bike locks of your childhood won’t hold up to modern thieves — investing in a well-reviewed bike lock is a must. A U-lock is pretty difficult to cut through; a cable lock, easier.

You might want to consider two locks, depending on your comfort level. If you opt for two bike locks, getting two different types will likely be an instant deterrent to any thief. They want to act fast — having to deal with two different locks will slow them down.

3. Carefully choose what you lock your bike to.

When locking your e-bike, the lock needs to enclose both the wheel and the frame. If you just lock the wheel (whether front or back), a thief can easily detach the wheel and take the rest of the bike. Wheels are cheaper to replace than buying a new bike.

Additionally, never attach your bike to anything that is weaker than your lock. You can have the best lock in the world, but it’s worthless if a thief can simply cut the chain-link fence it’s attached to.

4. Find an optimal parking location.

Parking your bike in a well-lit location makes both you and your e-bike safer, so lock your bike up in a highly visible area. A location monitored by security cameras can also be an excellent deterrent. Be vigilant on college campuses — one of the most common locations of bike theft. No matter where you’re parking your e-bike, remember that storing it outside long-term increases the risk of theft.


A man removing the battery from his electric bike.

5. Remove your battery.

Removing your e-bike battery is an excellent way to make it less conspicuous. The battery makes it more obvious that it’s an e-bike, so removing the battery makes a casual thief more likely to ignore it. Locking up your e-bike also becomes easier when you take off the battery.

Each Schwinn e-bike has a custom key for the battery, so you don’t have to worry about other e-bike owners stealing your battery. Just make sure you have your keys before you take a ride!


FAQs About Preventing E-Bike Theft

What if my e-bike does get stolen?

Following the rules above will reduce your risk of e-bike theft significantly. If your e-bike is stolen, make sure to contact the police and give them the serial number of the bike.

Are GPS trackers useful in preventing e-bike theft?

GPS trackers allow you to see where your bicycle is at all times with the use of a cell phone app. You can provide local law enforcement with this information in attempts to retrieve your e-bike. 

The problem with GPS trackers is that there just aren’t many places to hide the tracker on a bicycle. Casual thieves might not think to look for them, but professional thieves know where to find them for removal.

Is insurance recommended?

Insurance that covers the loss of your e-bike can be surprisingly affordable. Check with your local agent to see what they can do for you when it comes to electric bike insurance.

To sum it all up…

Following the steps above can help you keep your new electric bicycle as safe as possible. The question now is: Which Schwinn e-bike will you be protecting? Choose the perfect e-bike for your needs on our electric bike page!

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