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Foot Down Geometry Explained

Drew Kries

We’ve got an exciting announcement for riders who want comfort and performance. It’s a new way of designing a comfort hybrid bike to truly do it all, and it’s called foot down geometry.

Keep this in mind. Foot down geometry is simple, but it will change everything about your ride.

With foot down geometry, you can put your feet on the ground without getting off the seat, effectively letting you “idle” on the bike. But there’s a second piece to this. It also gives you proper leg extension when you’re pedaling.

Two people riding the new Vega hybrid bicycle by Schwinn which offers comfortable riding and stopping.

It’s a best-of-both-worlds scenario: a comfortable stopping position and a comfortable riding position. The result is a ride that makes stopping and going so effortless you won’t have to think about it. No more asking yourself if something is worth hitting the brakes for. Want to pause and admire the sunset? Pet a cute dog? Take a selfie? You can do all this and more in between bouts of zippy, relaxed pedaling. It’s all part of the ride.

This unique geometry comes from a slackened seat tube that helps you lean back. Combine this with raised handlebars, plus a front wheel we pushed forward just a smidge, and you’ve got the bicycle equivalent of a recliner. It’s mathematics in action.

A silhouette of the new Schwinn Vega bike explaining it's foot down geometry which is provided by raised handlebars and a slackened seat tube angle.
A person posing for a picture with their new Vega CE hybrid bike from Schwinn.

So how is this different from the geometry of a regular comfort hybrid? With most comfort hybrids, you’ll be able to put your feet on the ground when you’re not moving, but when it’s time to start pedaling again, you won’t get proper leg extension. The result is a ride that’s not completely dialed in for that perfect blend of stop and go. And why settle for that?

Foot down geometry is all about enjoying a different kind of ride. Although you can still move quickly and climb hills when the need arises, it’s really about sitting back and enjoying those spontaneous moments along the way. You’ll just have to see where the ride takes you!

For a look at foot down geometry in action, check out the new Vega comfort hybrid bike.

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