Bike Style Guide: Hybrid

Kyle Anderson

Sometimes it’s nice to have a bike that can do a little bit of everything, and that is exactly what a hybrid bike was made for.

What is a Hybrid Bike?

A hybrid bike offers the best of both the mountain and road bike worlds. Like a road bike, the hybrid is lightweight and has thinner 700c tires. And, like a mountain bike, the seat style and handlebar position keep you riding in an upright position. With components from each category, the hybrid bike emerged for riders who wanted comfort without sacrificing speed.


Handlebars on a hybrid are typically flat like the ones seen on a mountain bike. With a wider grip, these handlebars help hybrid riders feel like they have greater control of their bike.

Additionally, the handlebar positioning can aid in the overall riding position of a hybrid bike which tends to be more upright. This allows for better visibility of the road and a posture that can reduce strain on the rider's neck and back associated with the more aggressive riding position of a person on a road bike.


The wheels of a hybrid bike are one of the most recognizable ways in which the hybrid bike combines mountain and road bike components.

The tires of a hybrid are wide like a mountain bike’s tires; this provides stability, grip, and durability. However, unlike the mountain bike, the hybrid most often uses 700c rims which are more akin to the road bike. This allows for greater tire pressure, greater roll resistance and an overall faster ride.


Some hybrid bikes include a suspension fork similar to what is found on hardtail mountain bikes. These shocks help smooth out the ride by absorbing impacts from bumps, ruts, and other possible hazards, while also adding to the riders’ ability to control the bike while riding on rougher terrain.


Hybrids most often use rim brakes, but you may also see some sportier models with disc brakes. Disc brakes offer certain stopping power and tend to perform better in muddy or wet conditions which can make them beneficial for riders who plan on commuting or doing more trail riding on their hybrid bike. Rim brakes do a great job of providing sure-stopping as well. Choose the brake that feels right for you and your riding.

Where to Ride

Hybrid bikes really are a great option for those who want a bike they can ride on a wide variety of terrains. Hybrid bikes easily transition from paved to gravel trails and increase your ability to ride wherever and whenever you want; helping you stay active and increase your physical exercise.

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