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Standard bike helmets are focused on protecting you from high energy linear impacts. This is great but it hasn’t really evolved much in decades. We think that you deserve more when it comes to protecting your head. That’s why we created the ERT Helmet collection.

ERT = Energy Reduction Technology

Energy Reduction Technology, or ERT, helmets feature waffle-shaped pads that can flex in multiple directions, absorbing multiple impact types. It’s a special layer of foam that sits under the shell of your helmet, designed to move in different directions. This extra flexibility means your helmet can redirect force away from your head more effectively. It also means you can put more energy into cycling, and less into worrying. ERT is available in a variety of helmet styles – discover the one for you at

What type of ERT helmet are you?

Urban Category - Sequel

The sequel is more in the urban setting. Maybe you are going out for a casual stroll in the park or down to get some ice cream. This helmet is a very multiuse item.

Mountain Category - Bunker

Mountain biker or going off-roading? This trail-ready helmet with deep back-of-head coverage and pivoting visor is perfect for you.

Hybrid Category - Halcyon, Yahara

Perfectly at home on the road, bike path, or trail, the Yahara ERT helmet is up for any kind of ride you want to go on.

Road Category – Insight Helmet

Ideal for road riding, the Insight ERT helmet features front and rear LED lights, making it easier for others to see you on low-light rides. Plus, it’s micro-USB rechargeable – no batteries needed!

Kids – Chroma

New Technology, for smaller heads.

Lightweight and sporty, the Chroma is designed specifically for kids who love to ride.

We’ve added our latest helmet tech to our kids’ range – meaning that they can experience the joy of riding, while you experience the joy of worrying a little less. We know having advanced helmet technology isn’t going to make kids want to wear them, which is why we made them look super cool as well.

Upgrade to our latest technology for protection, comfort, and style. Now you can ride around feeling smart and look great while doing it. Also adding the extra layer of protection, for not much extra cost. It’s a no brainer.

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