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Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

Drew Kries

Season’s greetings! Glad you could make it. Well, come in out of the cold and stand by the fire a minute before we start our tour. I’ll take your coat, and Crumpet – Crumpet! Bring our guest some cocoa, will you? He’ll be right back with that. I’m Jingle; I’ll be your guide around the workshop today. Lots of great stuff this year; the crew’s really excited to show it off. All the bikes, helmets, and accessories you could ever need for everyone on your list. There, got your mug? Fantastic, let’s get started – Welcome to the Schwinn 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

Collage of bikes and accessories for kids Christmas gifts.

Cruising Kids

First off, we’ve got our kids’ collection. ‘Cruising Kids,’ isn’t that cute? I just love it. We’ve got tricycles, bicycles, helmets, and more to make the big day absolutely magical. I’m not kidding – the look on their face when they tear off that wrapping paper – oh! I wish we could bottle it.

The Roadster here is the epitome of classic child tricycles. Great for young beginners because of its low center of gravity, the Roadster also features tons of vintage character that’s sure to turn heads as your child rolls down the sidewalk. This thing’s got heirloom potential, for sure.

The Koen and Elm kids’ bikes are perfect for kids just learning to ride on two wheels. Available in a variety of sizes, they’re specially engineered with SmartStart geometry for fun that fits. Or, in other words, less wobble and more ride.

To top it all off, quite literally, we’ve got all sorts of helmets your kids will actually want to wear. They’ve got bright, bold colors and patterns, and they’re comfortable as all get out. Plus, our special line of ERT helmets includes an extra layer of waffle-shaped foam that helps redirect force away from your child’s head even more effectively. Win-win.

Collage of bikes for teens.


Next up is Tweens. I know, I know, notoriously hard to find gifts for – but there’s just something about getting a bike that unlocks that pure joy, y’know?

The Apple Krate is a real beauty. It’s got that vintage flare the kids are so into now. It’s got the banana seat, high-rise handlebars, and an authentic Slik back tire. This thing’s the real deal. Might even get them to put their phone down for a minute.

If you’ve got a super active tween in your life, I recommend the High Timber ALX mountain bike. It’s great for around the neighborhood and rugged trails alike. With 21 speeds, mechanical disc brakes, and a suspension fork – it’s everything your busy tween needs to get around and have some fun all in one neat package.

Then, of course, if your tween is riding about all hither and yon, they’ll need a way to keep that bike secure. Our combo lock is a great option. It lets them lock up their bike without needing to keep track of a key. Simple and effective – that’s my motto… Well, one of ‘em, anyway.

How ya doin’ on that cocoa – need a refill? -- Crumpet! Would you mind? Thanks, buddy. -- If you’ll just step this way, we’ll continue our tour.

Collage of gifts and bikes for adventure seekers.

Adventure Seekers

Now, these are the gifts that keep on giving. These aren’t just bikes and accessories; they’re a whole sleigh-load of adventures. Think about it – they unwrap it once, but they can enjoy new and exciting rides year in, year out.

For the fitness fanatic, you can’t go wrong with the Volare 1500. It’s nimble, agile, and built for speed. The lightweight aluminum frame, 24 speeds, and ergonomic grips are just the thing for someone who really wants to put on the miles.

While much of the focus is on the bike for the adventure seeker, don’t forget those accessories. Items like our ERT Bunker helmet (with the special layer for redirecting force), Daytripper cargo trailer, and handy-dandy Multi Tool are great choices for any two-wheeled adventurer.

Gifts and bikes for all ages.

Ages 1 – 99

Good riding to all, and to all a good bike! That’s what I always say. We’re adamant that riders of every age and experience level should be able to enjoy cycling – even those who are too little to ride on their own yet. Isn’t that grand?

The Discover 2 hybrid bike is a great choice for a wide variety of riders. It’s excellent for pavement, dirt paths, trails, weekday commuting, and weekend fun. You can’t go wrong! And with that suspension fork, suspension seat post, and upright riding position, it’s one of the most comfortable rides around. It’s perfect for riders of all experience levels.

For the kiddos – the little kiddos – check out our Child Carrier and Echo Trailer. They let you bring junior along for the ride so the whole family can adventure together. Don’t worry; the carrier and trailer feature safety harnesses and padding to protect your precious cargo.

Stocking stuffer gift ideas for cyclists.

Stocking Stuffers

And last but of course, never least – stocking stuffers. We’ve got all sorts of delightful little things to make your gift-giving complete. We’ve got bike locks and baskets and helmets aplenty. Pumps so you’ll never be riding on empty. Lights that shine bright and the seats with the springs – these are a few of our favorite things!

Ha! I could break into song! Ahem, ahem. Mi, mi, mi, mi, *big breath*… No, no, I jest. Need to save my voice for our pageant next weekend. I’m playing donkey number three, coveted role.


That concludes our tour of the Schwinn 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your time here, and we look forward to seeing what you select for your nearest and dearest. I’ll just get your coat. – Crumpet!... Crumpet?... Now, where could he have gone? Crumpet, for the love of nog…