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Helmet Hairstyle Guide

Kyle Anderson

One thing I see all too often is bicyclists riding without a helmet. I get it, helmets may not be the most fun or stylish things to wear, especially if you’re a woman and don’t want to mess up your hairdo.

But hey, let’s talk about this. Is it really worth putting your safety at risk to look cool? Is your hairstyle really more important than protecting your brain? Strap on your helmet before you go for a ride, and make sure your friends, family, and children do the same.

According to, bicycle helmets have been shown to reduce the risk of head, facial and brain injuries. Helmets reduce bicycle-related head and facial injuries for bicyclists of all ages involved in all types of crashes, including those involving motor vehicles.

These days, it’s easy to incorporate your helmet into your personal style. With a large variety of helmet colors and styles available, choose one or two that you love so that you’re more likely to wear it.

Try incorporating your helmet as part of your style.

I’m absolutely one of those people who likes to coordinate her outfit to her bike and helmet. With my Schwinn “Chic” helmet, I definitely don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. My favorite part of this helmet is the ponytail cutout, which is very forgiving for cute hairstyles. (My second favorite part of this helmet is the leaf design because I’m a total sucker for leaves and trees!)

My two main bike riding hairstyles are down and in a ponytail – simple, classic, and helmet-compatible. Want to go fancier? Rock a messy bun, half up/half down style, side ponytail, or a braid or fishtail. (I sometimes wish I had my long hair back just to be able to do fishtails again!)

Especially in the summer and on these humid days, I’ll save some effort and electricity by skipping the blow dryer and flat iron and let my natural waves fly in the wind.

I love pairing curly hair with my helmet, although I’m sure some of the other curly-haired Schwinn Ambassadors may disagree with me! ;) Another tip: some cyclists carry an extra hair tie and a few bobby pins to refresh their hairstyle once you’ve arrived.

Always make sure your helmet properly fits.

An improper bike helmet fit defeats the purpose. If it’s too large, adjust by adding thicker padding. Many helmets, including some of Schwinn’s options, have a great dial fit, allowing you to make it fit as tightly as you need. Adjust the chin strap so it’s tight, but still allows a little space for you to open your jaw. When you open your mouth very wide, you should feel the helmet pull down a little bit.

Find a helmet you love.

If your bicycle is a reflection of your style, why not make your helmet one too? It might seem silly to focus on the best hairstyles to go with a helmet, but the key is to find that one aspect that makes you choose to wear your helmet every time you ride.

It doesn't matter if you're cruising on a classic Schwinn Sting-Ray or ripping terrain on one of the High Timber mountain bikes. No matter what age you are, make sure you protect yourself and your head when you ride!


Caitlin Russo

My name is Caitlin Russo, and I’m a native of Lafayette, Louisiana. As the blogger behind Eco Cajun, I’m all about living an eco-friendly life, and I love to promote bicycle riding as a healthy hobby and an alternative form of travel. My husband, Phillip, and I love to ride together to festivals, community events, football games, and around town with our friends. Bikes hold a special place in our life together, and we even incorporated my Schwinn cruiser into our recent wedding!

By day, I’m full-time marketing and public relations specialist, and in my off-time, I enjoy hot yoga, traveling, concerts, and quiet nights at home with my husband and our cat, Dax.

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