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National Dog Day

Charles Luiting

Fido - (noun) A name for dogs derived from the Latin word ‘fidus,’ meaning trusty, faithful, and loyal

They’re your special pal. Your confidant. Your co-pilot. Dogs are some of our most beloved companions, and they’re always ready to join us on an adventure – even when that adventure includes a bike! We love seeing pics of pups who get to go along for the ride. That’s why we have our Pup of the Month series after all. So, in honor of National Dog Day, we’ve put together a compilation of our favorite featured fidos! (You may want to sit down for this; the cuteness can be overwhelming.)

If you’d like to ride with your pup, check out our pet trailer and be sure to check out our post about how to bike with your dog.



Merlin is a 5-year-old Pembroke Corgi who loves to go on adventures. He loves to go swimming, paddling boarding, kayaking, hiking, and running with his friends. Sometimes his short legs prevent him from keeping up. Thanks to his Schwinn trailer, he is able to go on bike rides with his family. He especially loves when we go on bike rides to go get ice cream. He also likes to act like a fitness trainer and tells us when we are going too slow.



The pawrents might be into exercising, but I’m into enjoying the view from my Schwinn Rascal Trailer! From there, I can soak up the sun, with the breeze flowing thru my fluff, all without lifting a paw. It’s the only way to be “outdoorsy” in my opinion!

Beesly & Maisie


Beesly and Maisie are doodle sisters, born and raised in Northern California. They are only 15 days apart in age, so they have been best friends since the beginning. Beesly is an Australian bernedoodle and Maisie is a double doodle. These girls love to play and especially love when that involves being outdoors. Beesly is 30 pounds, with a lot more energy than her 15-pound sister Maisie. Going on a bike ride allows for both of our girls to enjoy the outdoors without one tiring out sooner than the other. They both love the feeling of the wind in their fur, and meeting others while we all ride together. We were able to buy a second seatbelt and affix it inside so both girls are secure during their ride. It’s the perfect size for the two of them, and super easy to set up. These girls get so excited when they see the bikes come out; they know to walk right into the trailer to start their adventure.



Boo is a 1-year-old French Bulldog. He loves going everywhere with Mom, and the Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer is just what he needed for biking around the neighborhood & park. He loves riding with the top down & the wind in his hair! Best purchase ever!



Adventuring is one of our favorite things to do as a family, but our little bodies can only handle so much. With the Schwinn Rascal Pet Bike Trailer, we are able to enjoy more adventures for longer periods of time. We are most thankful for the smooth ride it takes us on but also what a delight it is to have a sunshade. It’s pawsome! It brings us the best memories with our pawrents!??



Hi my name is Mufasa! I am a long haired 6-month-old German Shepard who loves adventures! I enjoy meeting new pups at the dog park and love riding in my Schwinn rascal trailer on the back on my mum's Schwinn bike. It's perfect for me and my favorite ball. I am also learning how to run next to mum's bike, but I definitely prefer to ride along. This trailer is perfect for the busy city Miami life, and also runs smoothly on grass.



Introducing June's Schwinn Pup of the Month.... wait he's so cute we will let him chime in! "Hi there, I’m Dug, I have just met you, and I love you. My paw-rents decided to hook me up with this cool new ride so I can join them and my big dog sister on our nightly bike rides. They throw my favorite doggo bed into the trailer, buckle me in (safety first for this wilderness explorer) and we're on our way. I prefer the wind in my ears when riding, so we keep the mesh lining up while cruising!" ???



Tux is a 3-month-old Mini Golden Mountain Doodle that LOVES being outdoors and exploring. “After moving from the country to the city, I have realized there is so much to see but my short (still growing) legs just can’t get me around fast enough to see it all. And, most of the parks and nature-filled walks are still a bit too far of a walk from home to visit regularly. My family got the Schwinn Rascal Trailer a few years ago for their senior dog Polo to get around town. Luckily, I inherited it and after just one ride I fell in love. This picture was from my maiden voyage, and you can already tell I’m hooked. Not only do I get looks and compliments riding through town and along the lake path, I am able to glide along with the wind in my hair and look all around to scope out new areas I have yet to explore. Being able to clip the harness in for security allows me to lean out the front and get all the smells while it prevents me from jumping or falling out while we’re moving. It’s also incredibly easy to step right in and out of when we stop to get out for a run or quick zoom. This will come in handy when I likely double in size over the next year. Needless to say, I’m excited for our next ride and look forward to making this a regular activity!”



"Hi, I’m Bomber the corgi! I just turned 3 and my pawrents got me this Schwinn Rascal Trailer for my birthday so I could join in on their bike rides. We’ve been adventuring around the neighborhood trails, but I can’t wait to hit the beach and sunbathe in the trailer while mom does all the work pedaling me around. ?My favorite part about our biking adventures? Definitely sticking my head out while we go downhill and feeling the wind in my face…can’t forget the doggles for safety! ?10/10 best birthday gift ever."?

Olive & Freddie


"Olive and Freddie are both 6-year-old long-haired dachshunds who love going on outdoor adventures! They love sticking their heads out to sniff the air and let their tongues roll out while their hooman does the legwork. Not only is the Schwinn Rascal Trailer great for the pups, we put our picnic blanket, water bottles and their toys inside to bring with us while we cycle around our favorite trails. It's spacious, functional and durable--a must for all your outdoor cycling adventures with your pup!"

Whew - what a collection of adorable doggos! We think they all deserve a treat. Happy National Dog Day!

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