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Schwinn Electric Bikes Micro Adventure – Urban Hills

Megan Hering

Schwinn Electric Bikes | Micro Adventure | Portland, Oregon

Watch this group of friends explore the fun, laid-back, bike-friendly city of Portland, Oregon on their new Schwinn Coston DX, Coston CE, and Marshall electric bikes. On this urban micro adventure, you’ll e-bike along the Willamette River waterfront, take in the beautiful skyline views, grab a selfie (or two), discover Old Town’s historic charm, and cap the night off savoring and sipping on local flavors.

Know what we didn’t mention? Hills… because they’re no sweat on a Schwinn electric bike! ⚡🚲

What Schwinn E-Bikes They’re Riding

Schwinn Hybrid E-Bike – Marshall Step-Over: Blue

Schwinn Hybrid E-Bike – Marshall Step-Thru: Grey

Schwinn Hybrid E-Bike – Coston CE Step-Over: Red

Schwinn Hybrid E-Bike – Coston DX Step-Thru: White

Schwinn Hybrid E-Bike – Coston DX Step-Over: Emerald

What Schwinn ERT Helmets They’re Wearing

Schwinn Halcyon ERT Bike Helmet: Periwinkle

Schwinn Sequel ERT Bike Helmet: Pink

Schwinn Yahara ERT Bike Helmet: Black

Schwinn Bunker ERT Bike Helmet: Black

Why Schwinn E-Bikes?

A Schwinn electric bike makes it easier than ever to get together with friends and ride… the only limitation will be agreeing on where to eat! Visit your friends across town, explore a new bike path, and check out the *other* restaurant – it’s all within reach with an e-bike by Schwinn.

E-bikes are made for enjoying the journey and connecting with friends along the way! Supercharge your fun and learn more about Schwinn Electric Bikes 👉

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