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Choosing the Right Bike

It's important to choose the right bike to fit your lifestyle and the terrain you will be riding on. To help you determine which bicycle is best for you, we go through a few basics about each bike category that Schwinn offers. 

Why Biking Is the Best Social Distance Activity

There are many benefits of getting outside and getting on your bicycle. To help convince you to go outside for a bike ride, we are here to tell you about all of the health and wellness benefits biking has to offer.

How to Replace Road Bike Bar Tape

Replacing handlebar tape is a straight forward process, but it does take some practice to perfect this skill – so don’t worry if it takes you a few tries before you are happy with how it looks.

Bike Style Guide: Electric Bikes

While the first thing that may pop into your mind when you hear electric bicycle is maybe a motor scooter or perhaps even an electric motorcycle, you may be surprised to learn that electric bicycles or e-bikes look almost identical to a regular bicycle – plus a...

6 Tips for Commuting in the City

If you live in a city you might feel a little wary of making trips on your bike. It's common to feel cautious in your riding when faced with the chaos of city traffic but with a few tips, you can build up your confidence...

Guide to Clipless Pedals

Everyone is intimidated the first time they use clipless pedals, but once you learn how to use them you will appreciate how they allow you to pedal smoother and more efficiently because you won't just be limited to only pedaling on the downstroke.

Guide to Fixing Squeaky Bike Brakes

All brakes can begin to squeak over time based on ware or improper installation so it is important to have the knowledge on how to fix them. In this article, we will look at the two main reasons that squeaky brakes happen and solutions...

Safety Guide: Staying Visible

It is important to stay visible when riding your bike to help keep you and others safe on the road. Wear a bright color during the day to help you stand out and ride with your bicycle lights on even during the day to...

Safety Guide: How to Fit a Helmet

A properly fitting helmet is one of the most important safety items to check off your list before going out for a ride. This article will answer any helmet questions you have and tell you all the steps for how to fit your helmet...

Safety Guide: Biking Signals

It is important to remember that a bicycle is a vehicle. It is vital that you follow all the rules of the road when bike riding including; stop signs, traffic lights, and traffic laws.

Why Bike?

There are many reasons that make biking a beneficial life choice. Biking not only improves your physical health but also your mental and environmental health as well!

How to Bike With Your Dog

Biking with man's best friend is more fun. Schwinn has the ultimate guide for how to bike with your dog, whether you have them on a leash, in a dog-specific trailer, or in a basket attached to your bike.