Learn to Ride Guide: Your Child's First Balance Bike

Teaching your child how to ride a bike is an incredible milestone! But it can also be stressful for both the parent and the child. 

There are two ways you can begin your child's bicycle learning journey; this article will talk about how to learn using a balance bicycle. If you are looking to learn how to teach your child using a more traditional bike with training wheels head over to our guide to teaching your child to ride a bike with training wheels.

Beginning with Balance Bikes

Why choose a balance bike?

A balance bike can help a child gain coordination and balance skills that will help them build confidence when transitioning to their “big kid", pedal bike. 

What ages are best for starting with a balance bike?

Children as young as 18-months to 3 years old are in the perfect age range to start their bicycle journey on a balance bike. 

How does a child learn with a balance bike?

A child will learn to ride with a balance bike in a process that is natural for them, but you can help your child by first encouraging them to begin to achieve the following notable milestones that come with learning how to use a balance bike:

  • Stand and Walk: Learning to stand and walk while holding on to the handlebars. At this point, the child will not be sitting on the saddle.
  • Sit and Walk: Next, you can encourage them to sit and walk. This teaches a child how to maintain balance while in a position most similar to a "traditional" kids bike.
  • Glide: Soon your child will gain the confidence to sit, run, and then put their feet up so they can glide.

After your child has mastered the last step and is comfortable you will be able to transition them directly to a pedal bike and may be able to forgo training wheels completely.