Bike maintenance timeline

Before every ride

  • Do your bicycle ABCs to check for properly inflated tires, functioning brakes, and a smooth chain.

Once a month

  • Manually test your brakes and shifters
  • Degrease and lube the chain
  • Check your tire for any sharp objects 
  • Lube your suspension in fork sliders (if you have them) 

Every three months 

  • Check for brake pad wearing and replace if needed
  • Inspect chainrings and cogs for wear
  • Inspect bolts for proper tightness 
  • Grease the seatpost

Every six months 

  • Thoroughly clean the drivetrain 

Once a year 

  • Get a full tune-up. Take it to the shop to replace the cables and housing, lube the bearings and replace gritty ones, true the wheels, replace the brake pads and overhaul the suspension fork