Our Partners


Community through cycling

Based in Brooklyn, NY, the Good Company Bike Club was created to bridge the black community through the love of cycling while promoting safety, inclusivity, positivity, and connection.

Schwinn is partnering with GCBC to help expand its mission and help riders of all levels to join in for a GOOD time!

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Outdoor fun for all

Mikah Meyer advocates for the LGBTQ+ community in the outdoors. He recently founded Outside Safe Space, a brand and symbol that nonverbally communicates LGBTQ+ support in rural and outdoor places.

Schwinn works with Mikah to improve representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the bicycling industry and outdoor spaces, inspiring all people to live “beyond convention.”

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More than just a bike

Together We Rise works to improve the foster youth experience by providing often overlooked items like school supplies, “sweet case” duffle bags, birthday boxes, and more.

Schwinn works directly with Together We Rise to help provide over 7,000 bicycles to foster kids each year.

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