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Better Together

Drew Kries

With the busy pace of everyday life, it’s more important than ever to set aside time to reconnect. A bike ride could be just the ticket. No, you don’t have to ride a tandem bike in matching cardigans through a field of lavender to enjoy a bike ride with your significant other (although, if you do, send us pictures). There are many other options for cycling side by side that are far more practical, not to mention palatable. And even though climate or circumstances may make such rides impossible at the moment, it is no matter. You’re welcome to join us for the daydream. So, without any further ado --

How can a bike ride be better together? Let us count the ways…

Two people riding Mendocino e-bikes in the sun.

1. Le pique-nique classique

There’s nothing more classic than going out for a picnic by bike. This is particularly true if you’re riding a cruiser with its vintage looks and comfortable features - though any bike will do, of course. Just toss a little good bread, cheese, and whatever else you can eat without utensils into a basket and strap it snuggly to the rear rack of your bike. Maybe there’s room for a decent bottle of *ahem* mineral water – sparkling for the truly brave with dual suspension – and a couple of glasses besides. Then soon enough you’ll be on your way to a spot under your favorite shade tree, enjoying the sun and breeze and company as you go. Norman Rockwell, eat your heart out.

Two people kissing on a bike.

2. These foolish things (remind me of you)

We all have places that remind us of things. Here’s the place we had our first date. Here’s the restaurant we like. Here’s where we discovered karaoke is not my forte. If you happen to live near yours, why not turn them into a bike tour? A versatile ride, like a hybrid, is great for this because it can easily handle paved roads around town and dirt paths through the park. Spend the afternoon reminiscing over your favorite spots and stories while enjoying the fresh air. Then, at the end of the day, ride home in the dimming light through a constellation of fireflies. Why not?

A couple riding Schwinn bikes down a street.

3. The little getaway

Sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination. Just a little time to yourselves, away from the daily routines of video calls, video streaming, and laundry ad infinitum. A bike ride is excellent for this. You can chat if you like, or not if you like, as you ride around to nowhere in particular. It’s the time together that counts. For an extended journey, an e-bike’s pedal assist motor and long-lasting battery will let you roam as far and wide as you wish. Either way, take a break. Reconnect. And breathe.

There are innumerable other options of course, but one thing is for certain: biking is better together. Let’s go.

An illustration of a heart with two bikes inside of it.

Photo Credit: @tenesiaandterence

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