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Bike Maintenance Timeline

Samantha Kraemer

From road bikes zooming through traffic to cruisers taking a leisurely ride through the neighborhood, every bicycle needs proper maintenance.

Just as you check your mirrors and gas before driving a car, there are several things to check before hopping on your Schwinn. These tasks are all fairly easy and don't take up too much time, but can make all the difference in safety and performance. Check out this timeline and for best practice, make these maintenance checks a habit.

Before every ride

  • Do your bicycle ABCs and check that your adult bike has properly inflated tires, functioning brakes, and a smooth chain.

Once a month

  • Manually test your brakes and shifters
  • Degrease and lube the chain
  • Check your tire for any sharp objects
  • Lube your suspension in fork sliders (if you have them)

Every three months

  • Check for brake pad wearing and replace if needed
  • Inspect chainrings and cogs for wear
  • Inspect bolts for proper tightness
  • Grease the seatpost

Every six months

  • Thoroughly clean the drivetrain

Once a year

  • Get a full tune-up at a local bike shop so they can check to see if the cables and housing need to be replaced, lube the bearings and replace gritty ones, true the wheels, replace the brake pads and overhaul the suspension fork.

For more on bike maintenance check out the following video by our pal Eric Spinney over at Spindatt YouTube channel.

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