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Celebrate Bike Month With Schwinn

Drew Kries

It's Bike Month

The most wonderful time of the year is here: Bike Month! The whole month of May is dedicated to the celebration of cycling, and there are lots of ways to participate. Helping your little ones learn how to ride, commuting to work on two wheels, or finally going all in and learning to mountain bike – Bike Month is all about accomplishing your riding goals. Check out some of the major dates we’re looking forward to, and take a minute to think about what you want to accomplish this May.

Here's what we’ve got marked in our calendar.

May 1

It’s finally here! The first day of Bike Month is full of excitement and joy. That’s why we advocate riding your favorite route as a little warmup. It could be around the block, through the park, on a trail, or anywhere else that strikes your fancy. There’s more Bike Month festivity soon to come.

A girl having fun riding her Schwinn mountain bike out on a dirt path.

May 5

Next up is National Ride a Bike Day! The first Sunday in May is a day for all riders to get on two wheels and go. No matter what age you are or where you’re headed, this a day for you and how you want to ride. Get on that bike and call it a win!

May 8

Shortly after that is Bike and Roll to School Day! The kiddos can get their wiggles out before class with a brisk morning bike ride. We think they’ll be ready to learn after that! You can ride along with them and then head for the office afterward. It’s the perfect excuse to get to work a little late. Tell your boss that this day’s tardiness is approved by Schwinn.

A kid riding his Schwinn kids bicycle out on the street.

May 13 - 19

The second full week of May is Bike to Work Week, with Bike to Work Day falling on May 17! Get energized each day with a two-wheeled commute, and you’ll be ready to crush that morning meeting. Make sure to pack water, some nutritious snacks, and perhaps some donuts (to share, of course).

What if you live too far to commute? You could always drive to a park, train station, or somewhere else you can leave your car and bike the rest of the way – or take public transit halfway and ride the rest. Once you make it to work, see if your coworkers are up for a lunchtime bike ride (or just share those delicious donuts you brought).

A man riding up a bike path on his black hybrid electric bicycle by Schwinn made for commuting.

Get Out There and Ride!

Of course, there’s no wrong way to celebrate Bike Month. As long as you have fun on your ride, work toward your own bike goals, and celebrate your resolve to get out there and ride, you can’t go wrong! So check out some sweet rides for kids, commuters, or leisure enthusiasts, and get ready to have a great time riding this month.

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