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Our Favorite Bikes at Schwinn | 2022 Bike Month

Charles Luiting


In celebration of Bike Month, Schwinn employees are sharing their favorite bikes and how they love to ride. From e-bikers to trail riders, and year-round commuters to kids-bike choosers, our employees love our bikes – and now you can get the low down on which bikes they choose and why. Check it out!



Bike of Choice: Schwinn Super Sport

“I love every genre of cycling, but most of the riding I do is for transportation. In my eight years at Schwinn, I've commuted by bicycle every day but two, when the paths were too icy for the tires I was using. The Super Sport is an ideal all-season commuter - it can fit 42mm tires with fenders, and the frame geometry offers plenty of responsiveness and control. I use it primarily for rainy or snowy days, but it’s a joy to ride in any conditions.”

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Bike of Choice: Coston CE Step Thru E-Bike

“For Bike Month, I started biking to work at least twice a week. I live right by a bike trail and need to start taking advantage of it! It’s great to get in a good morning workout and it totally beats traffic 😊 I also enjoy biking down to the Union on clear days to watch the sunset. Nothing beats summer nights with ice cream and my bike.”

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Bike of Choice: Schwinn Axum DP

"Biking has been a part of my life ever since I got my first mountain bike as a child. Growing up, my bike was the primary mode of transportation to places like school, parks, and even work. I became more serious in biking while attending the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. From doing a long-distance ride on the Oak Leaf Trail to exploring downtown Milwaukee, there was always something new to see when I was on a bike! Today, I incorporate biking into physical exercise, distance trips, and simply taking some time to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. I’m always looking for new adventures around Wisconsin and I hope to one day try biking in the Colorado mountains!

For Bike Month, I joined two riding challenges using the Ride Spot app. I regularly use this app to track the time, distance, and route for each bike ride. I find this app to be a great way to stay active and track your riding progress while earning fun little rewards to keep you going. I definitely recommend this app to anyone, no matter what type or level of biking you do!”

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Bike of Choice: Kids Krate EVO (for my girls!)

“Riding is a family activity, so while I often want it to be leisure, nothing is ever too relaxing with kids! We are kicking off Bike Month by loading our bikes up for our first camping trip of the year on May 6. I’m looking forward to spending much of the weekend riding and exploring a WI state park.”

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Bike of Choice: My new favorite is the Schwinn Coston , and I also love my older Schwinn Vantage

“As we transition into back to the office (and into Spring in Madison), I’m planning on commuting on the bike more regularly. The e-bike makes it so easy! It feels great to just get out and move before and after the busy workday, saves me a little money on gas, and because it is an e-bike I don’t even need a change of clothes. I’ve also been participating in as many Bike Month events as I can, but my favorite is always the May Brat Fest Ride. That is a fun tradition for everyone here!”

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Bike of Choice: Schwinn Axum DP

“I live down in Rincon, GA! I am a QA Tech here at our Distribution Center and will soon be transitioning into the QA role within the “Performance” category. I am an avid rider outside of work with focus on the Cross Country (XC), Trail and Gravity domains. I learned a lot from my Schwinn Axum DP – this bike introduced me to the world that Schwinn can offer cyclists wanting to get out and go have fun without costing a fortune! The Axum DP provided a fantastic base for getting out on trails and learning the sport. It was rugged enough to survive my test trials and be compatible with modern aftermarket parts. I was very impressed for the value it had to offer and reminded me what Schwinn can do for our bike world!”

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Bike of Choice: Sierra 27.5 Step-Thru

“Riding my bike is something that I love to do in my free time. While using my hybrid bike for leisure and to cruise around the neighborhood I also use my other road bike for fitness training. Yes, don’t worry they are both Schwinn bikes. I was never a big cyclist or bike rider in general until I fell in love with it again after hopping back on cruising down the street with the wind running through my helmet. 😊”

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A closing thought...

Looking for your own bike of choice, but not sure where to start? Check out our blog article Choosing the Right Bike.

And remember, always wear a helmet!

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