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Accessories & Gifts for the Bike Rider on Your List

Drew Kries

Let's start with the obvious: There's nothing like a brand-new, shiny bicycle shimmering in the lights under the Christmas tree. It's the stuff of catalog covers and Hollywood movies. But there are only so many holiday seasons that a new bike works as a gift. What about the years after the new bike? What about folks on your gift list who already have a new bike?

We've got one word for you: Accessorize!

Schwinn has awesome bike accessories for the cyclists on your shopping list this holiday season, from bells to bottles, lights to locks, and all kinds of cool things in between. With only so many days before the gift-giving commences, let's take a deeper look at the best bike accessories you can give as gifts this holiday season.

You might even find something on this list that appeals to you. If so, just let Santa know what to put on his list for you!

For All Cyclists

Know somebody who's always all about the bike and proud of being a bike rider? Our super comfortable T-shirts in both unisex and women's sizes will make great gifts for them. Adorned with the word "Cyclist" across the chest, these blended shirts exude positivity and proudly proclaim their love of riding. If you want to go next level, consider our comfy crewneck "Cyclist" sweatshirt.

Two Schwinn t-shirts that say, "Cyclist."


We've talked recently about the positive gains kids can get from riding their bikes to school. Here are a few ideas to make it even more fun and safer for those who enjoy their rides to school.

A person locking their Schwinn bike lock.


Bike to Work week is held every year in May, but we know plenty of cyclists who head to the office on their bikes almost every day of the year (weather permitting, of course). If there's somebody on your gift list who rides their bike to work, consider getting them a gift designed to help in their commute. Some ideas include:

  • Panniers: Our weather-resistant Commuter Pannier has an internal laptop sleeve, can be carried like a briefcase and is easily attached to most bikes with our smart bungee cord system. It's the type of gift bike commuters will use and appreciate on every trip to the office.
A commuter pannier bag by Schwinn attached to the back rack on an electric bike.

  • Seat pack: With enough room to carry a few essentials, our Seat Pack is a great gift for daily bike riders. It's easy to install and fits most bikes on the market.
  • Top Tube bag: Smaller than our other storage options – but still plenty handy – is our Top Tube Phone Bag that makes it a breeze for bike riders to take along their phones (and a few other smaller essentials) wherever they go.

Adventure Seekers

Got a rider who heads out for a full day in the bike saddle? How about a mountain biker that digs riding on trails in the deep woods?

You can't go wrong getting them a bike repair kit to bring along on their adventures. Is it the most fun gift in the world? Well, no it's not. But when they need it, they'll be thanking you for thinking of them.

These work well as stocking stuffers, by the way.

Schwinn bike tools and gear.

Bike Pathers

We love riding on bike paths. They are usually fairly flat, scenic, and vibrant. If there's somebody on your shopping list who enjoys a good bike path as much as we do, here are a couple of good gift ideas for them.

  • Lights: Because bike paths are generally safe places to ride, and because they often are near restaurants and other fun attractions, they can be good options for night riding. And what does every biker need to ride at night safely? Well, lights, of course. Our 400 Lumen USB Rechargeable Light Set is super bright and easy to install. We should point out that these lights make for great gifts for any bike rider.
A person turning on their bike light.

  • Water bottle: Our 23-ounce, BPA-Free water bottle comes with a lightweight alloy holder that attaches to most bikes in minutes. We should probably point out that these bottles also make great gifts for any bike rider on your list.
  • A bell: As we pointed out above, a classic bike bell makes for a really good stocking stuffer.


Is there somebody on your list who already owns a Schwinn e-bike? You can help them go farther and ride longer by upgrading the battery on their bike. Our extended-range batteries work with our popular Coston and Marshall e-bikes, so please make sure they have either of those models before you buy.

A Schwinn commuter pannier bag attached to the back of an e-bike.

New Parents

Our bike trailers are capable of pulling duty as more than just holiday gifts. They are one of the nicest baby shower gifts you can give to active parents of toddlers and young kids. But this being the holiday season and all, they make great gifts for bike-riding parents or parents-to-be.

Ranging in price from $129.00 for the Deluxe Child Carrier up to $449.99 for the super sweet Summit Deluxe Trailer/Stroller, our selection of trailers enables families to bring the entire brood along on a bike ride.

Two kids smiling as they ride in a Schwinn Summit Deluxe Trailer.

Pet Owners

While we're on the subject of bike trailers, we also have the Rascal Pet Bike Trailer. It's a perfect gift for somebody who loves bringing along their pets on a bike ride. Easy to store and easy to use, our pet trailers are fun gifts that both dog owners and dogs are sure to enjoy.

A dog sitting in a Rascal Pet Bike Trailer by Schwinn.

So there you have it. From stocking stuffers to show stoppers, bike accessories make great gifts for anyone on your list.

Schwinn Life

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