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Honest Brand Rates Schwinn #1 in Best E-Bike Review

Drew Kries



It’s no secret that electric bikes are becoming more popular every day. Whether you’re a seasoned rider who’s used to cranking out mile after mile during rides, or a cycling novice who’s excited to try out a new activity, everyone is getting charged up about e-bikes.

Our friends over at Honest Brand are always looking to try out new things. This time around, they traded in their regular bikes and electrified their rides with the latest craze in cycling: e-bikes.

When they sat down to compare all the different options and brands out there, only one came out on top: Schwinn e-bikes! Let’s see what they said…

We’ll start our ranking of the best e-bike brands with a company that’s as American as apple pie. Schwinn has been a staple cycling brand for over 125 years. They’ve been key innovators in racing cycles, road bikes, and the subject of today’s list, e-bikes.

Schwinn’s e-bikes recently blessed the Ellen Degeneres Show with a throttling showcase. Their electric bikes have a battery that can provide up to 45 miles of uninterrupted power.


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