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Pre-Ride Bike Check Guide

Kyle Anderson

Start every ride with a little everyday bike maintenance

Let’s face it. There are a ton of moving parts on bikes, both literally and figuratively. With all those components, there are bound to be some minor mishaps and adjustments you’ll need to make at some point in your bike’s life. The best way to ensure a smooth ride (and to prevent getting stranded miles from home) is basic pre-ride maintenance. A simple inspection that takes just a few minutes before each ride will help you avoid any unplanned stops on your way.

Check out the following video by our pal Eric Spinny over at Spindatt YouTube channel and read on to learn how you can keep your bike in tip-top shape.

The ABC’s: Air, Brakes, Chain

It is important to do a basic inspection of your Schwinn road, mountain, cruiser, or hybrid bicycle before every ride to see if there are any loose or sticky parts. This is your best defense against troubles on the road. To do that, just remember your ABCs!


As mentioned in our tire pumping blog, make sure your tires are fully inflated to the proper PSI. That number is located quite handily on the left side of your bike’s tires. Having properly inflated tires will ensure a smoother ride and reduces the likelihood of a flat tire. Over or under-inflated tires can increase your risks of flats, slow you down, or result in popped tires.


Check the bike’s brakes by spinning your wheel and clamping down on the brake levers. If they feel sticky, too loose, or make noise, adjust them as needed.

View our guide on how to properly adjust your brakes here.


If the chain is dry or dirty, it may require cleaning or degreasing. For a dry chain, put a drop of lube on each link pin (where the links meet). Backpedal the chain for a minute to work the lube into the pins and wipe it down with a rag.

View Schwinn’s guide on how to maintain your bike chain here.

It’s that simple. Just a few minutes can go a long way and make for a comfortable, more enjoyable ride!

It doesn't end there

There are many other things that you can do on your own to keep your bike up and running smoothly. Check out our bike maintenance guide for more details on how to keep your bike clean, how to lube and degrease your chain, and more. If any of this sounds overwhelming, just bring it to your local bike shop. They’ll be more than happy to help!

Care & Maintenance

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