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Rolling Stone Highlights Schwinn Wayfarer in List of Best Commuter Bikes

Charles Luiting

Finding the best bike to take on your commute can be a challenge, but our friends at Rolling Stone, Tim Chan & Brandt Ranj have done the work for you in their most recent article featuring the Schwinn Wayfarer and the Schwinn Collegiate. Check out our favorite quotes from the article and be sure to head over to Rolling Stone for all their great insights.

"Few bikes earn that coveted fellow cyclist nod of approval like the Schwinn Wayfarer." - Tim Chan

"Easily strap a briefcase or backpack to the back of your bike before hitting the road." - Brandt Ranj

Enjoy your daily commute with one of these two great bikes. Whether you are looking for a reliable form of transport with the Schwinn Wayfarer, or you are ready to invest in the hand-welded in Detroit Collegiate, both bikes will have you getting to where you need to go in style.
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