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Schwinn Insider: Aric Blank

Adam Wogksch

Did you know that Schwinn makes more than just adult and kids' bikes and helmets? There are so many added accessories that go into a bike than we might realize. That’s where Aric Blank comes in! Read on to find out what goes into the behind the scenes look of Schwinn bikes from Aric’s point of view.

What is your role for Schwinn?

Aric: I am the Parts and Accessories (P&A) Product Manager which means that I work on creating new Parts and Accessories that you would typically think about when you think of products that go along with bicycles — pumps, locks, lights, seats, trailers, and more.

When did you start your P&A role at Schwinn?

Aric: I actually started working here right after I graduated from college in 2014 as an intern. Shortly after I accepted a full-time position at the company and have been here ever since.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Aric: My favorite part is that I am able to make something new and the products we are creating are being used every day by people around the world. It makes my job really exciting and rewarding knowing that I had a part in making someone’s experience riding their bike that much more enjoyable.

Has your love for bikes increased since you began working for Schwinn?

Aric: Yes. Since I started working here I have been riding my bike to work almost every day. The first bike I ever bought was the Schwinn Searcher 2e and my collection continues to grow. The adrenaline and joy that comes from riding my bike into work really propelled me to want to keep doing it. I also will take my bike out at lunch with other employees just to get some fresh air and catch up.

What is the most exciting project that you have done in your 5 years at Schwinn?

Aric: One of the projects I have been most excited about was the Schwinn winged foot pump. The winged foot pump has added winged feet that make it easier for the pump to stay upright as you inflate your tires as well as a rotating feature for extra stability to make the bike stay in one place and not tip over.

What is your favorite place to bike in Madison?

Aric: One thing about Madison that makes us unique is that the downtown is an isthmus, meaning it is surrounded by water on either side. There are some really great bike paths downtown around the lakes that I love to take in summer. There is nothing like a ride downtown with a stop at the Memorial Union Terrace!

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