Bike Style Guide: Commuter

It can be difficult to choose which category of bike is best when buying a bike for commuting and riding as a frequent method of transportation. Schwinn offers a whole category of bicycles perfect for the everyday commuter to make it easier for you to find the best commuter bike for you.

What is a commuter bike?

Commuter bikes are made to be functional so they can endure frequent rides through city traffic at moderate speeds. Simplicity and durability are the two defining characteristics of a classic commuter bike. Most models will come equipped with racks to carry bags for the ride to work or school.

Handlebars and Riding Position

Commuter bikes typically have flat handlebars which tend to be in a more elevated position than other bike models. This elevation creates a more upright riding position, allowing the rider to be able to see better through traffic. The upright riding position that the commuter bike provides is also comfortable for the typical shorter rides that a commuter will be doing on a daily basis. 


Because commuters will be riding through the city at slow to moderate speeds, commuter bikes typically have fewer gears as it is not necessary to have an extensive amount of gears like a road bike. The gearing is often located internally on the rear hub so it is better protected from the wear and tear of city riding. Some commuter bikes have only a single-speed or freewheel drivetrain in order to keep the bike as simple as possible and easy to maintain.  

Specialized Components

Commuter bikes tend to come with components that are ideal for the city environment. They are made to be compatible with panniers, fenders, front racks, and other built-ins. There are some commuter bikes that have a rear rack for the transport of bags and other items. Some commuters will also purchase panniers, that can be mounted on bike racks to store items.


The frame of a commuter bike is built strong and is made to last since they are made to endure city riding and all weather conditions that a typical commuter would experience. 

Commuter bikes are the obvious choice for those who want to use their bike as their main mode of transportation to work, school, and everywhere in between. Having the right bike will make you want to commute to work more often, which is great for the environment and for you. 

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