How to Make a Wreath Bicycle Chain Ornament

The spirit of the Holidays in full swing it seemed time to give it a go and try getting craft ourselves; after all, we do have the spare bicycle parts laying around! But we wanted you to share in the fun too! This holiday season we created four tutorials with step by step directions so you can recreate all the projects too!

Wreath Ornament:

The wreath ornament is a fun repurposed bicycle DIY Holiday project that adds just a bit more crafting to the more traditional star bicycle chain ornament. The wreath ornament is actually easier than it looks; however, it is vital to have the right tools.

For this project you will need:

  • A chain breaker (pictured to the right)
  • Pliers
  • Superglue
  • Glue Gun
  • A tiny red bow
  • A wire of thread-based hook to hang your ornament
  • Green spray paint

Step 1. If you are using an old chain, it is a good idea to de-grease it before starting. If you don't have any de-greaser readily available dish soap works too.

Step 2. Measure out six (6) full links. Then push out the pin on the fifth link with your chain breaker. You can also make a larger ornament with more links if you prefer.

Step 3. Use your pliers to push the pin back into the last chain link. Your chain should be attached liked a circle. Don't worry that it isn't in a star shape yet, that is what the superglue is for.

Step 4. Form your chain into the shape of an even circle. Then superglue the joints so that it will keep its shape. (I used a glue gun because I tend to make a horrible mess with super glue).

Step 5. Spray paint your wreath green.

Step 6. Superglue on a bow to the bottom of
your wreath. You can tie your own bow, or if use one already made (like I did when I bought Christmas candy that already had a pre-made bow on it!).

Step 7. Use a wire hook or string looped through the top of the wreath's circle in order to hang your wreath.

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