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Adventure by E-Bike with Matt Armendariz

Drew Kries

Food photographer, blogger, Zumba® instructor, and…drumroll please…e-bike adventurer! Matt Armendariz knows an exciting ride can be found anywhere. Recently, he hopped on his Coston DX e-bike, donned his Sequel ERT helmet, and set off for a foodie micro-adventure around Long Beach, CA. The pedal assist and throttle on Matt’s e-bike made it easy to reach all his favorite locations around town: Gusto Bread Bakery, Long Beach Creamery, and Pike Restaurant and Bar just to name a few. And luckily for us, he filmed it! Check it out:

We hope Matt’s micro-adventure inspires you create your own exciting ride! Just grab an e-bike and a helmet and you’ll be on your way. Cheers!

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