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How to Pick the Best Electric Bike for YOU

Charles Luiting

When it comes to buying things in the 21st century, we seem to have an embarrassment of riches. With so many choices before us, human behavior specialists have observed us succumbing to "paralysis by analysis," meaning having so many options available makes it difficult to make any decision at all. Luckily, it doesn't have to be an exhaustive and daunting task to pick the best electric bike. Riders of all ability levels and all shapes and sizes can pretty easily determine the best e-bike for them with just a few minutes of reading and research.

Below, we've put together an easy-to-use guide on picking the best Schwinn e-bike for you. All it takes is careful consideration of a few questions and then a bit of a deeper dive to explore what options and features you want most on your electric-powered ride.

This guide is designed to make the decision to buy the best e-bike for riders of all types as simple and stress-free as possible. We know an e-bike is a big purchase, and we want you to be comfortable, happy, and stoked when you hop on your new purchase. We're confident that in no time at all you'll be zipping around town, pedaling on a path, or motoring down a trail in the quiet woods.

The front of a green Coston DX e-bike

Starting considerations

The first step in getting into a new e-bike is to think a bit about how you're likely to use it most. Will you use your new bike mainly for weekend trips on a bike path? Will it be used for daily rides to and from the office? Might you be doing little off-roading through forests and fields or pedaling along on gravel roads? Is comfort the most important aspect?

Keep in mind that e-bikes are built for all different types of riders, from casual cruisers to high-octane adventurers. Also know that there are bikes equipped with features that are specifically designed for kids, women, and older riders. Whatever you want to do on your e-bike, and whatever type of riding you intend to do, we've got you covered.

Another consideration to keep in mind when choosing an e-bike (or any bike for that matter) is your height. Schwinn has electric bikes that fit riders from 4'8" all the way up to those who are 6'4". We can't stress enough how critical it is to choose the right-sized bike. Well-fitted bikes provide the most comfort and can make the difference between falling in love with cycling and simply struggling through mundane rides. Below, we offer suggestions based on your height, including one bike made specifically for tall riders.

And let's not forget about cost. That always comes into play when you're buying something. In the ever-evolving world of electric bikes, Schwinn's e-bikes entire lineup remains affordable, with the top models topping out at $2,100, but there are options that fit most budgets. One quick hint: Buy the best e-bike you can afford.

In short, think primarily about what you want to do on your e-bike, where you're most likely to ride it, and how much you want to spend.

Ready? Let's get going and figure out what the best e-bike is for you! 

Man riding a commuter electric bike up a ramp.


When you hop on a bike, is one of main goals to use it as a transportation for getting to and from work? Are you lucky enough to have bike lanes in your community that help cyclists navigate busy streets? Will you frequently need to bring along your laptop, a lunch, or a change of clothes? If so, the best e-bike for commuters is clearly the Coston DX . Here's why:

  • It comes equipped with both front and rear fenders that are clutch when protecting work clothes from splashes and mud.

  • The upright seating position provides great visibility when riding busy city streets.

  • It has a rear rack and storage seat for your additional gear. The rear rack has a weight limit of 55 pounds – plenty strong enough for you to bring along all your daily essentials.

  • It features integrated front and rear lights for increased safety when commuting in low-light conditions.

  • Available in two sizes – S/M for riders 5'4" to 5'7" and L/XL for riders 5'8" to 6'4". We'll talk a little bit about the bigger bike below.

Man taking a mountain electric bike for an off-road ride

Off Road

Are you looking to spend some time far away from larger motor vehicles and busy city streets? Does the idea of trail riding or putting in your miles on rural gravel roads appeal to you? Our new Ridgewood is the best e-bike for off-roading. Here's why:

  • The oversized front suspension fork and suspension seat post are designed to help absorb and smooth out bumps. Your body will simply feel better after a day with the Ridgewood.

  • It has an oversized handlebar and stem that are durable and rugged. They are designed to improve the rider's steering input.

  • The hearty aluminum frame with formed tube top gives plenty of clearance.

  • Fits riders from 5'7" to 6'2".


Sure, e-bikes are all the rage, but if you're new to the e-bike game it certainly makes plenty of sense to carefully consider your budget before making a purchase. Naturally you want the most bang for your hard-earned bucks, right?

The Marshall Step-Thru is the best value in e-bikes. Here's why:

  • Although it's Schwinn's lowest priced e-bike, it still comes complete with enough features to provide comfort and maximize fun.

  • It's designed for riders who are just starting out on their e-biking adventures.

  • The integrated LED frame light, head light and tail light provide additional safety and increased visibility.

  • For all of our bikes, we use Affirm as a financing partner if you prefer to spread payments out in monthly installments.

  • Available in two sizes – S/M for riders 5'1" to 5'7" and L/XL for riders 5'8" to 6'4". 


Schwinn has a long and storied history of making the best bikes on the planet specifically for younger riders. That youth-first attitude is fully embraced in our e-bike offerings as well.

Hands down, the best bike e-bike for big kids and teens is the Healy Ridge. Here's why:

  • For increased safety for young riders, the top end speed is limited to 16 mph. Our adult bikes, we should point out, have a maximum speed of 20 mph.

  • It's 24" x 2.1" tires are equally at home on trails or riding around town.

  • The alloy frame with a coil spring suspension fork smooths out bumps on the trail or road.

  • It's designed for riders 4'8" to 5'6" and can be easily adjusted as kids grow – and the kids are going to grow. 

Women riders

All of our e-bike models can be ridden by male and female riders, but the best e-bike for women riders is our Coston CE Step-Thru. Here's why:

  • It features a low step-thru bar that makes for easy mounts and dismounts.

  • This bike is completely versatile - can be used as a commuter or for light off-roading.

  • The upright seating position give you great visibility when along busy streets.

A white step-thru Coston DX electric bike for seniors


Are you a little bit older and maybe just a tad less bold than you used to be? Are you looking for ways to stay active and have fun outdoors? 

The Coston DX Step-Thru is the perfect e-bike choice for senior riders. Here's why:

  • The low step-thru bar puts a premium on mobility. There's no need for high leg lifts when getting on or off the bike.

  • It comes with front and rear fenders that protect your clothes from flying mud and puddle splashes.

  • Includes a rear rack and storage saddles that can carry gear, extra clothes and other equipment. The hearty 55-pound weight limit ensures you can carry plenty of additional gear including a cooler.

  • The suspension seat post and padded seat make for maximum comfort.

  • Available in two sizes – S/M for riders 5'4" to 5'7" and L/XL for riders 5'8" to 6'4".

A Mendocino step-thru electric bike for college students.

College Students

Do you think you'll find yourself making that long trip from the dorm room to the dining hall via bike? Are you looking for something that you can cruise off campus with in style? Do you need something that can be stored in a small apartment?

There are number of good choices in Schwinn's e-bike line for college students, but the Mendocino has just the right mix of features. Here's why:

  • Comes with front and rear fenders that protect your clothes from flying mud and puddle splashes. That means you won't show up to class in dirty clothes.

  • Has a rear rack that provides the carrying capacity needed to haul items around campus. The rear rack can handle up to 55 pounds of additional gear.

  • Classic styling that never falls out of fashion.

  • If you're stepping off your e-bike for a quick second or for an all-night study session in the library, you'll want to make sure it's properly locked up. Accessorize the Mendocino with our E-bike Chain Lock that provides safety and unparalleled security.

A red Coston CE e-bike for tall riders.

Tall riders

Remember where we mentioned that your height should always be taken into consideration when buying an e-bike? Here are a few more details

If you're over 6', you probably already know that less than 15 percent of the American population is as tall as you. You also know first-hand how difficult it is to find pants, a comfortable bed or a bike. But don't worry, The Coston CE is the best electric bike for tall riders. 

Let's take a deeper look:

  • The L/XL frame is for riders 5'8" to 6'4".

  • Features include front and rear fenders that protect your clothes from splashes.

  • Upright seating position makes for a comfortable ride for those with longer torsos.

  • Comes with integrated front and rear lights for increased safety when commuting in low-light conditions.

  • As an aside, we do have a handy sizing help guide that can provide additional information, including how to find a helmet that fits properly.

An extend electric bike battery for long distance bike rides

Long Distance

One of the valid concerns raised by riders of e-bikes is the ability of their e-bikes to hold a charge and provide pedal assistance when they're out for rides of longer distances.

We've addressed those concerns by designing Extended Life Batteries for a couple of our best-selling e-bikes.

The standard batteries that come on our Marshall, Coston CE and Coston DX bikes are good for up to 45 miles of riding. Most days, that's plenty. But Schwinn knows many riders want to go farther, so we developed higher capacity batteries that are super easy to install (you'll only need a screwdriver). These additional batteries extend the riding distance up to 80 miles on both our Coston and Marshall series of bikes.

Two people riding Schwinn e-bikes in a forest.

When you're ready to buy

Congratulations, the research and reading you need to buy your e-bike is complete! Hopefully you have a crystal-clear picture of what the best, most fabulous, most rideable electric bike is for you. Now it's time to go ahead and buy your new e-bike!       

In general, if purchased on the Schwinn website, your new bike will be shipped within hours of being ordered and should arrive within 7-10 days.  Please know that we have free shipping for all orders over $49, that we have a live chat option available Monday through Friday, and Schwinn has a limited lifetime warranty on all our bikes.

Putting your bike together is actually pretty easy. We have a video that details electric bike assembly and with a few basic tools you'll be out and about in a matter of minutes. We've also put together a guide for new electric bike riders that details each step you should take before you ride.

Other Resources 

If you'd like to dive a little deeper into your research on e-bikes, we have a library of helpful information already compiled. Some suggestions for additional reading:

  • If you've read this far, it's clear that we offer e-bikes in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Our guide to electric bike styles is a good primer to read before you ride.

  • For a quick primer on the engineering behind Schwinn's lineup of e-bikes, this post from an expert explains e-bike, wattage, range and weight. It is extremely helpful in learning some of the specific terminology and science behind how our bikes operate with electric power.

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