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Kids E-Bikes

E-Bikes for Kids are Charging Up the Next Generation of Riders

Drew Kries

In its 127-year history, Schwinn has become a leader in building bikes for kids. From the iconic Sting-Ray introduced in 1963 to the SmartStart frame technology in 2016, Schwinn has continuously pushed forward with cool bikes for young riders. With the arrival of e-bikes, our tradition of making the best bikes for kids receives a… well, a boost, if you will.

With rapid advancements in technology bringing down weights, sizes, and costs of e-bikes, the cycling world is entering a new era where people are clamoring for electric bikes for kids. And why not? E-bikes simply supercharge the fun of bike riding.

Here's a quick overview if you're considering getting a young rider into e-bikes.

Are They Ready for an E-Bike?

Introducing a rider onto an e-bike isn't much different from getting them onto a bigger analog bicycle. Once they have good balance and are done with training wheels, know the rules of the road, are comfortable wearing a helmet, and reach a certain height, they'll be ready for an e-bike.

A young boy riding a kids electric bike by Schwinn

In general, you can start considering e-bikes for kids once they're over the age of 10. Sometime around the start of middle school seems to be the sweet spot. Remember that e-bikes are heavier than analog bikes, so kids will need to have a certain strength level. Can they pick the bike up if it falls over? Can they push it up the stairs if they need to? Can they help put it in the car or bike rack?

Like a lot of things with kids, there is no hard-and-fast rule for when they might be ready for an e-bike. Some kids will be ready at 10, some at 14. Don't rush it. The goal here is to keep in fun.

Why Should a Kid Ride an E-Bike?

Schwinn offers a wide variety of bikes for kids and adults of all ages, and not all of them are e-bikes. So why would you choose an e-bike for kids over an analog bike?

Good question!

First, e-bikes allow all riders to go farther while expending less energy. For a family that wants to embark on bike rides together, this means a young rider can hang with you on a long ride and not be completely tuckered out.

A group of kids riding e-bikes down a sidewalk.

Second, e-bikes can help young riders develop biking skills more quickly. It's easier to climb hills, for instance. Not being tired out allows riders to explore new places that might be hard to get to without the extra assistance of an e-bike's motor. Plus, those extra miles make for a great opportunity to practice proper cycling etiquette and rules of the road, including hand signals.

Two children riding kids e-bikes up a hill.

Lastly, the additional freedom an e-bike provides might help your family cut down on using the car. If an e-bike makes it easy for a child to ride to a basketball court or soccer practice, they might prefer riding there rather than getting a ride from Mom or Dad.

Healy Ridge 24”

As you might expect from a company with a long history of making bikes for kids, Schwinn is already meeting the demand for kid-specific e-bikes.

Without question, the best entry-level e-bike for kids and teens is the Healy Ridge with 24" wheels. Here's why:

  • For increased safety for young riders, the top end speed is limited to 16 MPH.
  • Its 24" x 2.1" tires are equally at home on trails or riding around town.
  • The alloy frame with a coil spring suspension fork smooths out bumps on the trail or road.
  • It's designed for riders 4'8" to 5'6" and can be easily adjusted as kids grow.
  • It has a multi-powered mode that allows for longer, safer rides.
A kid riding a 24" red Healy Ridge kids electric bike.

Healy Ridge 26”

A great choice for pre-teens and teens is the Healy Ridge with 26" wheels. There are some differences between the 24" Healy Ridge and this larger version.

Features on the Healy Ridge 26" include:

  • Top-end electrical assist speed of 20 MPH.
  • An alloy frame with a coil spring suspension fork that smooths out bumps on the trail or road.
  • It's designed for riders 5'5" to 6'1" and can be easily adjusted as kids grow.
A young teen riding a silver Healy Ridge 26" electric bike outside on a dirt path.

E-Bikes Forever

By the time they hit high school, riders will find a whole host of Schwinn e-bikes to choose from, with an assortment of bike styles and wheel sizes. However, one thing they all have in common is the fun factor. Why not get a young rider on an e-bike as soon as they're comfortable and maximize that fun? You’ll be glad you did.

A kid looking excited as he zooms around on his e-bike.

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