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Fashion That Moves You

Drew Kries

Woah! Do you feel that outside? Is that… sunshine?

That’s right cyclists, warmer weather is – almost – here! The snow is melting, the bike trails are quickly thawing, and before you even have the chance to strap on your helmet, it’ll be time get out and ride!

With the new spring season bringing hotter temps to riders all over, we wanted to explore some fresh and fashionable bicycles that are sure to bring those springtime vibes to your future rides. Let’s take a look at our top 5 fashion bikes for spring!

Perla 26 Step-Thru cruiser bike by Schwinn in yellow

Yellow Perla Step-Thru

Up first is the Perla 26 Step-Thru bike in yellow. This cute colored cruiser bike was made for relaxed morning rides around the block. The soft-padded seat and handlebar design provide a comfortable riding position. Our Perla bikes come with a rear rack and support additional storage options like baskets, so you can take a trip to the farmers market and back without having to worry about what you haul home!

Mikko 3 cruiser bike by Schwinn in lavender.

Lavender Mikko 3

This next fashion bike for spring is another one of our cruiser bikes, the lavender Mikko 3! The Mikko 3 is a high-style, vintage inspired cruiser bicycle that comes in a variety of fun colors to choose from, like lavender! Its frame is designed to make getting on and off the bike easier, and the padded spring bike seat makes riding that much more comfortable. You can even pedal backwards to slow down and stop the bike just like you would with normal hand breaks! How cool is that?

Fun fact: we have a whole family of Mikko's available to choose from! Besides the Mikko 3, we also offer the Mikko 1 and the Mikko 7. The main difference between each model is the number of speeds each one supports. The Mikko 1 is a single speed bike, the Mikko 3 is a three-speed bike, and the Mikko 7 is a seven-speeder.

Coston CE Step-Thru electric bike by Schwinn in turquoise.

Turquoise Coston CE Step-Thru

Our turquoise-colored Coston CE Step-Thru electric bikes are another great choice for riding in style this spring. This hybrid electric bike helps you go further than ever before with it’s 250-watt pedal assist motor that gives an extra boost while you pedal. It's battery lasts up to 35 miles per charge so you can go further than ever before. Many riders might find themselves tiring out as they get back into biking shape early in the year, but you won’t have to worry about that with this e-bike! On the Coston CE, you have the option to use a throttle button which allows you to accelerate up to 20 MPH without using the pedals at all. If you like catching a sunset or two during your rides, the integrated lights on the Coston CE make it so you can bike in the dark!

Wayfarer Step-Thru comfort bike by Schwinn in mango.

Mango Wayfarer Step-Thru

Soak up some springtime sun on a bike that’s just as bright with the mango colored Wayfarer Step-Thru. This comfort bike blends style and performance, making it one of the best bikes for cruising around the neighborhood or taking a trip to your local park. Like many of our fashion bikes, it’s designed with a step-thru frame that makes getting on and off of the bike a breeze. And with it’s precise gear shifter and padded seat, you’ll have a hard time finding a more comfortable bike.

GTX 2 700c Step-Thru fitness bike by Schwinn in sky blue.

Sky Blue GTX 2

This final fashion bike for spring is a hybrid fitness bike that is sure to turn some heads, say hello to the sky blue GTX 2! If you’re the type of bike rider that wants to use their bicycle for all sorts of things this spring, you won’t want to miss out on the GTX 2 700c Step-Thru. This bike was built with a lightweight aluminum frame that can handle anything you throw at it. Whether you’re riding down a bumpy road on your commute or hitting the pedals hard as you zoom down the path during a workout, the GTX 2 is ready for any riding conditions.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect fashion bike for spring, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying some fresh air and warmer weather! Don't forget to read up on our Pre-Ride Checklist for Electric Bikes and Spring Tune Up Guide and make sure you’re ready to ride once those trails thaw.

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