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Light Up Bike Helmets 101 - Using the Schwinn Insight ERT

Drew Kries

Woman turning on a light up bike helmet.

These days in the world of cycling, we’re all pedaling towards one thing – powering up our rides. Whether it be new electric commuter bikes to help you get to that 9-5, or upgradeable batteries made for some extra-long mountain e-bike rides, there’s a good chance you’ve seen or heard of an electric bike by now.

And it’s not just electric bikes that are getting a boost. Here at Schwinn, we’re even electrifying our helmet game with some light up bike helmets! In this post, we’ll give you the lowdown on our newest light up bike helmets, how they work, and more.


Schwinn Light Up Bike Helmets

There are currently three different light up bike helmets available online from the Schwinn store. Of the three models, we offer two adult helmets, and one kid’s helmet.


Flash Kids' Bike Helmet

Flash Kids’ Helmet

The Flash kids’ helmet is our light up kids bike helmet. It comes in one color and one size for youth noggins. Besides it’s rear LED lights, the Flash kids’ helmet features full-range padding, a dial fit, and 20 vents for added comfort and protection. If you’re looking to match with your little one on a father-daughter or mother-son ride, check out our adult-version of the Flash helmet!


Flash Adult Helmet

Flash Adult Helmet

Like the kids’ version, the Flash adult helmet also features full-range padding, an adjustable dial fit, and venting all around to keep your head safe and cool. It is also available in a one-size-fits-all for adult heads and sports a white color.

Both the Flash kids’ helmet and Flash adult helmet standout with a 6-LED rear light that’s integrated directly into the back of the helmet. When the LED light is turned on, rider visibility improves on low light rights, like when it’s dark out or there’s foggy weather. Included in the light are three lighting modes that can help increase visibility even more. The first mode is a steady light that is constantly on. The second mode is a flashing light that will blink on and off to alert others to the riders’ presence. The third mode is a strobe light, that blinks at different speeds to show others where the rider is at.

Insight ERT Bike Helmet

Insight ERT Helmet

The final light up bike helmet we offer is our Insight ERT light up bike helmet. The Insight ERT helmet sets itself apart from the other two a couple different ways.

First, and most importantly, there’s the Energy Reduction Technology used in the helmet’s protection. If you didn’t know already, Energy Reduction Technology (shortened to ERT) – is our new form of helmet protection that’s designed to flex in multiple directions and absorb multiple impact types. With ERT, the waffle-shaped foam can redirect force away from your head more effectively.

Schwinn ERT Helmets

The Insight ERT light up bike helmet also offers more color choices and sizes than either of the Dash helmets. With the Insight, you can choose between a green citron, sky blue, black, or white color. There’s a style for everyone! Helmet sizing is another thing to consider when shopping for an Insight light up helmet. It comes in a medium size for heads with a circumference of 54 – 58 cm., or a large size for head circumferences of 58 – 62 cm. A medium Insight ERT helmet is designed to fit riders aged 8 to 14 years old, while the large size is great for anyone 14 and up. By using an adjustable dial and straps, you can fine tune the fit of the helmet so it’s secure on your head!

Like the two Dash helmets, the Insight ERT light up bike helmet includes bright LED lights to enhance visibility. On the Insight, the lights are slightly different than the other helmet lights, as there are lights visible on the front and back of the helmet. The three different steady, flashing, and strobe lighting modes work the same way on the Insight helmet.

And for all three of the helmets, each light is removable and micro-USB rechargeable.


Light Up Bike Helmet Guide

How Do You Use The Lights?

Operating the LEDs on a Schwinn light up bike helmet is pretty easy! Once you receive the light up helmet, you’ll want to charge the lights before use.

To do this, remove the LED by pushing the release tab in the back of the helmet that is underneath the light. (Not the power button!) Once you’ve pressed that, the LED light should pop out of the helmet allowing you to remove it for charging.

Removed Helmet Light

After it’s removed, you’ll need a micro-USB charging cable and source of power to charge the light. Plug your LED light into the charging cable to recharge the battery. It shouldn’t need too much time! Once it’s charged, remove the light from the charging cable and insert it back into the helmet. You’ll know it’s reattached when you hear a *click* and you feel it snap back into place.

Now that your light up bike helmet is charged, the next step is easy! Press the power button located on the LED to turn the lights on. When the helmet lights are off, pressing the button once is how you turn on the steady lighting mode. Pressing the power button a second time will switch the lighting mode to flashing. If you press it a third time after that, you’ll turn on the strobe lighting mode. A fourth button press when the helmet is in the strobe light mode will turn the LED lights back off. Try to get into a good habit of turning your helmet lights off after each use, so you aren’t stuck waiting for the lights to charge when it’s time for that midnight ride!

Once you’ve learned how to turn the lights on and off, and switch through the different lighting modes, you’re all set. Time to go out and (safely) enjoy some low light rides!


Bike lock with a light.

Do You Offer More Light-Up Bike Accessories?

We sure do!

With safety being a top priority, we’re always looking to provide our riders with gear and accessories that will help keep them protected and visible on their rides. When it comes to lighting, we offer a 6-Foot Key Cable Bike Lock that comes with a built-in light on the key so you can safely lock and unlock your bicycle when it’s dark out.

If you’re looking for some bike lights, the 400 Lumen USB Rechargeable Light Set should help you increase your visibility in the dark. The light set comes with a front headlight and a rear taillight that can attach to any bike of your choice. A USB cable can be used to charge the front headlight, and you can power the rear taillight with some batteries.

Woman adjusting the fit of her light up bike helmet.

To Sum It All Up…

A light up bike helmet is a great option for increasing your visibility to other pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers who are near you on your rides. With Schwinn light up bike helmets, you can toggle between three different lighting modes and recharge the LED lights with charging cables similar to the ones used for your phone. Helmets are a must-have for any bike ride, and if you frequently ride at night or in darker areas, then a light-up bike helmet is a must for you too!

Visit the Schwinn store to shop for our different light up bike helmet options today!

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