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It’s Bike Month!

Charles Luiting

Here at Schwinn, every month is Bike Month, but in May it’s even more so. As part of our celebrations, we’ve taken some time to find out why Team Schwinn loves biking so much. Check out the profiles below to read their stories and learn about their recommended rides.

Name: Christy Griesheimer
Position: Supply Planning Lead
Years at Schwinn: 5
How did you get into biking?
I got on a mountain bike when I met my husband in 2005. 2. I became really excited about big sendy riding and bike travel when we went on a trip to Whistler in 2012. I started getting really good at mountain biking when I attended a women’s skills clinic in 2015.
What’s your favorite bike category?
Mountain (obviously), Hybrid (for commuting), and Kids
What’s your favorite bike model?
I love hopping on the eSycamore to ride downtown for lunch on a nice day. Without the e-assist, I wouldn’t be able to make it all the way downtown and back within my lunch hour. While I don’t ride an ebike all the time, it’s great for the times when I need to get farther, faster.

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Name: Jess Larson

Position: Demand Planning

Years at Schwinn: 18 years

How did you get into biking?

A friend of mine had recently gotten into mountain biking and thought that I would love it. She arranged a loaner bike for me and took me out to the trails for the first time and she was right…I loved it!

What’s your favorite bike category?

Mountain! Mountain biking offers a bit of everything; a chance to get some fresh air, the peacefulness of being in the woods, the camaraderie of riding with pals. In addition, learning and working towards all of the components of a successful ride is a lifelong endeavor that I am always working on: the fitness needed for climbing hills, the technical know-how to drop and jump, the finesse required to traverse a sketchy rock garden and how to speed through corners to name just a few.

What’s your favorite bike model?

eVoyageur Mid-Drive. If you haven’t tried out an e-bike, I highly recommend it! E-bikes let you go farther than your legs might allow otherwise, or help you make it up that tough hill that wouldn’t be possible without a subtle boost. They are also great for commuting and can get you from point A to point B without getting all sweaty if you don’t want to! And let’s be honest, they’re just plain fun!

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Name: Shayla Gitter

Position: HR Generalist

Years at Schwinn: 10 years total

How did you get into biking?

My husband loves biking, and he helped me get back into recreational biking when we started dating. Prior to that, I hadn’t biked since I was a child. It started off as me re-learning how to ride a bike, so I wouldn’t crash in front of his family for their annual family bike trip. Now we really look forward to the annual family bike trip each year and enjoy biking throughout the spring/summer/fall, with our young daughter.

What’s your favorite bike category?

I like cruiser bikes. Most of my biking consists of family-friendly rides, and cruisers offer the perfect amount of comfort and style.

What’s your favorite bike model?

I love the Krate EVO for my daughter. It’s such a fun nod to Schwinn history! Once she masters her balance bike, she’ll be moving on to this one.

For adult bikes, I love the look of the of a tandem. The Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem is a great deal, for basically two bikes. My husband and I own an older tandem, and we have so much fun with it. It allows me to keep up with him (since he’s a stronger cyclist), and we always get smiles on the bike path when we ride it. Especially when we attach our daughters bike trailer to the end. 😊

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Ryan B.

Name: Ryan Birkicht

Position: Sr. Communications Manager

Years at Schwinn: 2

How did you get into biking?

Out of college, I started to use the bike to discover the city I had moved to. Riding a bike is the perfect way to explore because you are going slow enough to see things you would not in a car but fast enough to cover several miles during each trip.

What’s your favorite bike category?

It’s tough to select one bike discipline, but recently I’ve really started to appreciate the increased utility of electric bikes. As a father of two young boys, I’ve started using the Schwinn electric bike to take the family on our local trails. With the assist from the motor, it makes everyone’s time out more enjoyable.

What’s your favorite bike model?

Schwinn Vantage FXe would have to be my current favorite. With the gravel frame, multiple braze-ons, and the mid-drive electric motor, the Vantage FXe is like the swiss army knife of bikes!

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Name: Tom Kuefler

Position: Senior Product Manager, Helmets & Accessories

Years at Schwinn: 3 years

How did you get into biking?

I had a friend in junior high school who was into riding bikes. When he got a new mountain bike, I was inspired to get a mountain bike as well. I spent a steamy Iowa summer de-tasseling corn to save up the $350 I needed to buy my new ride.

What’s your favorite bike category?

Depends on the season. Spring is for gravel. Summer for road. Fall for MTB. And winter for Fat. Those aren’t rigid lines, but that’s more or less how it shakes out.

What’s your favorite bike model?

I’m a big fan of the Koen and Elm Balance Bikes. From my experience with my own children, balance bikes are an amazing tool for teaching kids to ride, separating the skill of balancing from the skill of pedaling. They are truly transformative and facilitate rapid progression.

Koen Balance BikeElm Balance Bike

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Name: Lee Emmons

Position: Senior Product Manager Schwinn

Years at Schwinn: 14

How did you get into biking?

Always enjoyed cycling and my family encouraged it. We always road our bikes to elementary and middle school back then until the weather got cold. BMX was big when I was younger and there were always different dirt trails and jumps that kids would hang out and test their skills. Picked up road biking more when I was a freshman in high school. The health class had a practice crit that we would do every week and it was fun to see your times improve. Joined the “Two Tyred Wheelmen” cycling bike club in Madison that was sponsored by Yellow Jersey and Bianchi at the time and started competing in road races.

What’s your favorite bike category?

I love both road and mountain but, I love road with the easy to get out on the bike (do not need to drive to any trails), the variety of scenery, the faster speeds and the sense of freedom.

What’s your favorite bike model?

Schwinn Paramount Force. Love the simplicity & quickness of the electric shifting, the endurance geometry and compliant ride.

Paramount Force

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