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Schwinn Story - Andrew

Megan Hering

"When I arrived in Las Vegas, one of the first things my then girlfriend Tiff showed me was Red Rocks. It’s a vast National Park about 20 minutes from our place. The Red Rocks Loop is a 13 mile one way road curving through the mountain range.

Always said I would ride it once the weather cooled down and wanted to ride it with her.

Riding the Red Rock Loop is a sneaky legend in Las Vegas. Everyone I talked too said it was something they’ve always wanted to do.

I had been riding a bike for transport in LA and continued in Vegas. Tiff bought a Schwinn so we could ride through the neighborhood and downtown Las Vegas.
Eventually riding around this wild town wasn’t enough, the temp had dropped and we knew it was time to try.

Then my wife Tiff and I rode the Red Rocks Loop. The first 4 miles are absolute hell. A long slow burning uphill climb until you reach a bigger hill. At mile two I had to stop, will admit questioning my ability to finish. But we aren’t the quitting type, so we scrapped and struggled through the first 4 miles uphill to reach the High Point Overlook.

Seeing a hundred miles in every direction let us know it was all downhill from there.

The next 9 miles was the greatest experience I’ve had on a bike. Flying through an open mountain range behind my bride and barely touching the breaks or pushing the pedals.

Easily top ten best days of my life. And she did it all on a Schwinn."
- #📷 @hey_andrewmiller

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