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Good Co Bike Club Spotlight: Milly Louis and Shari Brown

Charles Luiting

Good Company Bike Co.

Meet Milly and Shari, two of the four founders of our partner organization Good Company Bike Club in Brooklyn, NY. To celebrate Women’s History Month, we asked them some questions about their roles on Good Co’s executive leadership board, their experience as Black women in the cycling industry, and what they want their legacy to be.

Read on to hear from Milly and Shari, and don’t forget to follow @goodcobikeclub on Instagram to keep up with their initiatives.

What are your specific roles as members of Good Co’s executive leadership board?

Milly: Chief Operating Officer

Shari: Chief Marketing Officer

What is your favorite part about being a member of Good Company Bike Club?

Milly: Watching a community of cycling enthusiasts connect and support each other! In addition, we get to have an impact on policies that positively affect our communities.

Shari: Building something for the community from the ground up.

What has your experience been like as Black women in the cycling industry?

Milly: Surprising. Surprising to see so many people that look like me really embrace and enjoy cycling. But also how little we are represented. We are here to change that.

Shari: It has actually been refreshing. I think there has been an appetite for women who look like me to be seen within this space. Everyone we've come in contact with has been super receptive and welcoming. This is most likely due to the lack of representation within the cycling community. You can tell people have been looking for a change.

What would you say is going to be your legacy being 2 of the 4 founding members of Good Co?

Milly: A driving force behind the brand’s success. And also demonstrating the value that women bring to any “room.”

Shari: Making room for Black women will be my legacy. Jumping into this fearlessly and unapologetically.

Where do you see Good Company in 5 years?

Milly: Global! Hosting custom cycling tours. Informing national policy, content - because we have so much to say- and really leveraging our soon-to-be nonprofit Good Co Cares to support black and brown communities.

Shari: Good Co. for the world! We will have locations nationally and a global digital reach that will encourage and empower Black and Brown cyclists everywhere.

What did you name your Schwinn bike and why?

Milly: Sadie, because she’s just so sweet (to ride)!

Shari: Olivine because she's a Jamaican queen like me!


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